Attote Original Herbal Drink

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100% Natural Attote Original Herbal Drink 

Attote Original is 100% natural plant-based health supplement made from plants, leaves, bark, and roots originating in the West African nation of the Ivory Coast (Nagounkaha, Cote dIvoire). is designed to effectively empower mens sexual potency and performance.

Miraculous Attote for 

Diabetes, Blood pressure, Visual blurring, stomach ache, Fever, General fatigue, Sexual weakness, Sinusitis, Ulcer, Painful menstruation, Vaginal discharge, Insomnia, Kidney trouble, Hemorrhoids, Bloated stomach, Constipation, Typhoid fever, Asthma, Impotence, Hernia cyst, Footburn (Mara), Stimulus to sexual appetite

Shaking well before use is advised in order to manage the strong aroma and taste.

Dosage: Drink one (1) small glass in mornings after meals, and a second again in the evenings after meals.

Not Suitable for pregnant Women

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