Alcolado Glacial Mentholated Splash Up Cool Down Lotion


Alcolado Glacial Splash Up Cool Down Breathe Again

Alcolado Glacial is a mentholated splash lotion, refreshing and invigorating from head to toe. Alcolado Glacial has been a household name in the Caribbean for over 50 years. Due to its cooling effects, it is known as "the air conditioner in a bottle." The high quality of the lotion is derived from its high alcohol content (74%), menthol and other essential oils. The secret combination of these high quality ingredients results in a highly refreshing lotion.

Alcolado Glacial use for relief from Headache, Fever, Congestion caused by common cold and a stuffed nose, Itching caused by mosquito bites, Stomach aches, Soothing of sore muscles, Relaxation when used for massage and rubbing, after-shave and general home cleaning purposes

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