Alafia Kooko Bitters

Tablet - 30 Tablets
Liquid - 350ml

Alafia Kooko Bitters is specially designed to fight with piles and waist pains. Furthermore, it also performs the following functions: Cleaning and Maintenance of vital organs.

 All-purpose remedy used across Africa This herbal remedy has been historically used to treat common ailments such as headaches and fever.   

Benefits of Alafia Bitters: Renewed energy, An increased sense of well-being, Clearer thinking & improved mental state, Smoother and easier digestion, Improved ability to absorb and utilize nutrients, Proper elimination of 2-3 bowel movements per day, Increase in tissue oxygenation 8. Purification of the blood, Reduction of body toxins,  Loss of excess weight and water, Cleansing of the liver, kidneys & colon

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