Rapid Clair Super Eclaircissant Skin Lightening Products

Lotion - 700ml
Lotion - 750ml
Gel - 30g
Serum - 100ml
Lotion - 700ml + Gel 30g
Lotion - 700ml + Serum
Lotion 750ml + Serum
Lotion - 700ml + Soap
Serum & Soap

RAPID CLAIR SUPER ECLAIRCISSANT is a body milk which intensively nourishes the skin and intensively and effectively fights against hyperpigmentation (black spots).
Enriched with vegetable extracts universally recognize for their healing, lightening and refreshing properties,
The body milk treats skin diseases and makes your own skin clear and uniform from the first applications. Morning and evening use after bath with the super lightening antiseptic soap hydrates, protects and renders your skin clear

Serum - 100ml

The Rapid Clair Serum perfectly takes care of your body. The richness of its active principles with bactericidal and anti fungal properties make it very efficient for body hygiene.
The serum enhance your body colour, and its fight against skin conditions Itching, eczema, black spots and pimples. It also destroys dandruff.

Rapid Clair Gel Cream Plus Ultra Whitening 30g

The Rapid Clair Gel Cream PLUS Ultra Whitening represents the ideal compliment of Raped Clair Body milk and soap.

Gel Cream Plus Ultra Whitening nourishes your skin and  effectively fights against hyperpigmentation and other skin discolouration problems, such as dark spot and liver spot etc that are caused by exposure to sunlight, free radicals, pills and pregnancy.

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