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Carotonic Glycerin
Intense Extreme
Carotonic Lotion

Carotonic Extreme Glycerine

This ultra-fast absorbing body glycerine blurs imperfections while giving your skin an extra dose of shine. Layer on your legs, arms, shoulders, & decollete for perfectly, polished toned skin.

Multi Action

Extreme skin whitening-natural vegeclarine gradually fades dark spots, acne scars and pigmentation Intensely moisturising moisturising argan oil and nourishing sweet almond oil, eliminate dryness, and bring a smooth, bright, uniform texture.

Powerful anti-aging-rejuvenating formula contains SPF 15, which can fight dark spots, liver spots, discoloration and UV damage. Skin tone and radiance – apply to face and body, make skin tone even, smooth and radiant; safe for black and most skin types.

Carotonic Extreme Lotion
A botanical rich formula, the Extreme Glow Renewing Body Lotion works to balance oil levels to promote clear, radiant, and healthy skin. Helps fade scars and marks on the body. Keep the oil balance in the skin. Slow down the effects of aging. Brighten skin colour. Body lotion only. Do not apply on the face.
for oily and acne-prone skin.
Intense Extreme
Multi-vitamin toner and even skin tone lotion can provide rich nutrition of shea butter, moisturize the skin, repair dry skin, reduce stretch marks and scars, soften the skin and enhance luster.
Fades scars and dark spots Condition and relieve skin irritation Slow down the effects of aging Brighten skin colour Body lotion only. Do not apply on the face.
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