Light & Natural Carotone Brightening Body Products

Soap - 190g
Cream - 300ml
Lotion - 550ml
Oil - 65ml
Black Spot Corrector - 30ml
Black Spot Remover Lotion - 50ml
Cream & Oil
Cream & BSC
Lotion & Oil
Lotion & BSC
Cream & Oil & BSC
Lotion & Oil & BSC

Light & Natural Carotone DSP10 collagen formula Brightening Body products are  enriched with B carotene to lighten your skin ,provides protection against UV and sun rays and rich in collagen for younger toned and bright skin, eliminate and clear s dark, brown and eliminate scares, for a clean and purified skin and protected skin against harmful sun rays for all skin types

The clarifying soap is rich in collagen, carrot and sun protection. Its clarifying properties deeply cleanse impurities from your skin, clearing pores allowing better absorption of other applications. Its moisturizing effect softens the skin, purifies it and reduces the effect of sebum.

Original Carotone brightening cream to enhance your natural skin to its ultimate brilliance.   

Carotone Body Lotion DSP10 Collagen Formula rich in B-Carotene to lighten your skin and rich in collagen for a younger skin, provides protection against UV and sun rays.

Carotone Brightening Oil rejuvenates dull and damaged skin, It tones the skin in a uniform texture, provides deeply cleaned, tingly-smooth skin and protects in the areas of importance.

Carotone Maximum Black Spot Corrector Cream for Dark spot , Acne scars, Concealer  



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