CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Lightening Lotion Flawless Complexion Products

Soap - 175g
Lotion - 500ml
Lotion - 250ml
Serum - 75ml
Lotion 500ml & Serum
Lotion 500ml & Soap
Lotion 500ml + Serum & Soap

CT+ is a milk formula specially developed for pigmentation problems. This authentic skin lightening therapy is a fruit acid complex targeting pigmentation spots formed due to sun damage, age and pregnancy. 

The unifying action of the highly concentrated CT+ gives you a flawless complexion 

Clear Therapy Flawless Complexion CT+ is a milk formula especially developed for pigmentation problems.

These range of authentic skin lightening therapy are fruit acid complex formula that targets spots and pigmentation due to a variety of reasons such as sun damage, and/or pregnancy.  

Used daily, the results are visible after JUST 10 DAYS! You skin will be fresh and smoother. Apply twice a day after bath or shower

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