Africa's Best Organics Kids Hair Products

Africa's Best Organics Kids Hair Products
 Africa's Best Organics Kids Hair ProductsAfrica's Best Organics Kids Hair Products 
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Brand:  House Of Cheatham


Enriched with Shea Butter, hair is left feeling super soft, mega moisturised and easier to comb.

Gently lifts impurities, conditioning while it cleans.

Shea Butter Lotion

Detangling Moisturising Hair Lotion is designed with natural conditioners like shea butter to give extra shine and softness to hair.

It moisturise deeply and nourishes to assists stop breaking of hair. light formulation to use regularly and ideal for all hair types.


for greater manageability and easy combing.DetanglesMoisturises, Softens &

Growth Lotion 

Enriched with Olive Oil for strength and Soy Bean Oil for shine.

Enhances healthy growth and restores hair to a healthy moisture balance. Perfect

For all hair types and textures.

Growth Oil 

With Horsetail, Keratin and Wheat Protein,promotes strong, healthy growth.

Great hot oil treatment

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